About 5th Grade Band

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1. When will band start?
NPAS 5th grade bands will begin mid-September. Exact date/time will be communicated with all parents/students once the lesson schedule has been set.

2. How often do students meet for rehearsals and lessons?
Rehearsals: One 50 minute large group rehearsal at each building, once every 5 day cycle. Lessons: One 15 minute small group lesson, once every 5 day cycle.

3. What does my child need to participate in band?
  • Assigned instrument and accessories
  • Name tag on handle of case (name, address, phone number)
  • Accent on Achievement lesson book
  • Portable music stand (any color)
  • Music folder
  • Pencil
  • Band Shirts (optional, worn for all performances, separate order form)
4. Where can I rent or purchase these items?
Please contact one of these stores:
  • Groth Music (952.884.4772) of Bloomington
  • The Music Mart of Mankato (1.800.TUBA.TWO) and Faribault (507) 409-9900
  • Downtown Sound (952.758.5166) of New Prague
  • Schmitt Music (763.566.4560) of Bloomington
Groth Music, Music Mart, and Schmitt Music have road-representatives that stop in our district once a week for deliveries/pickups/repairs, and they also offer online ordering.

5. What is the fee for participating in band?
The only fee is the rental or purchase of the items above.

6. When are the concerts?
We have two public performances: December choir/band performance (each building separately), and a Spring Concert with all 5th grade band students combined on stage at the high school.
7. Are concerts required?
Yes. Band is a performance ensemble! We work very hard individually and as a TEAM to put on a wonderful performance for all of you! If a student has a prior commitment, the director should be notified at least two weeks ahead of time and the student can complete a make-up project.

Please contact Mrs. Spindler if you have any other questions or concerns. I am always happy to help my band families!