Weekly Announcements

Happy Thursday All!
I am sending my weekly update a day early this week since I will be out on Friday. I hope you all enjoy the weekend.
Please scroll down to see what we have been up to in Math and Social Studies and read the News and Information section which includes some important announcements about upcoming events! 
Math:   This week we tested our standard on finding the total surface area of rectangular prisms. We have been practicing this skill daily during the month of February. I have graded these tests and most students did very well! On Monday we will take some time for reteaching and retesting for those who need it. These assessments will be shared at conferences. Next week we will dive into our next standard which is typically not too challenging and mostly review for 5th graders: interpreting data on double line graphs and double bar graphs. We will do that assessment at the end of the week, and those will also be shared at conferences.
It continues to be important to practice the basic math facts. 5-10 minutes of practice each night would really help. Even just quizzing your child in the car on a ride to school or the store is a simple way to get that practice in. Thanks in advance for your support in this area. Some other good ways to practice these skills include: flash cards, play Yahtzee together, or login to the "XtraMath" website and practice on the computer. Your child has that login information (as well as IXL) taped to the inside cover of their planner.
Social Studies:
This week we started our 13 Colonies Unit  with John Cabot, Henry Hudson and the search for the Northwest Passage. We started learning about the mystery of the Lost Colony of Roanoke. Ask your 5th grader what their theory is on what happened to those lost colonists! Next week we will learn about Jamestown and Plymouth, the New England Colonies, and get started on the Middle Colonies. We do have a tested standard on the colonies and how their geography influenced their development and growth, so we will start discussing those factors as well.
Band/choir:   Day 2 is on Friday so all band kids will need their instruments on Fridays. If your child has a "Day 1" lesson time, they will also need to bring their instrument on Thursdays.
Spring Parent/Teacher conferences: Will be on March 5, 7, and 8. Don't forget to sign up on PTCfast.com if you haven't done so already.
PAC Plant Fundraiser: Information came home in the Rockstar Folders last week.
February is I Love to Read Month: students have received a calendar for dress up days and some trackers to record the minutes they read each week. If a student reads 120 minutes in a week, they can turn in their tracker to put into a drawing for a book of their choice! What a great way to get some SQUIRT pages at the same time! The final dress up day is next Thursday, Feb. 28: "Curl up with a great book". Students may wear pajamas that day.
SQUIRT: The second semester independent reading goal is another 1800 pages by May 17. Remember, reading 20 pages per day will allow you to meet the goal with no problem! Students have time in class to read for SQUIRT each day as well. 
Congratulations: to our newly selected Student Council Representatives: Austin M, Taelyn T., and Brooklyn C. Their first meeting will be after the winter break. We know they will do a great job representing 
Do Life Big:
Congratulations to our January Do Life Big winners:Avely H. and Leo P.  Great job and keep doing life BIG!
In 5th grade we take our job as leaders of Raven Stream very seriously! We want to be role models for the younger kids in the building, and we do that by having integrity  and trying to do life big everyday! Each month Mr. Drazan and I will recognize one student from each class who excels in this area. At the start of the year, we had our kick off for this project (see presentation that was shared on the link below). Students made posters to bring home because we want them to Do Life Big at home and in the community as well! We would love to receive photos of your child making a positive difference at home or in the community so have them pose with their poster and email them to Mr. Drazan or I so I can share them with the students and add them to our slide for the end of the year.
The expectation in 5th grade is that your child will bring their planner to you each day to read and sign. This is an important communication tool we will use all year.
Rockstar Folders:
Each Friday your child will bring home their Rock Star Folder with any papers/notes from the office etc included. Please empty that folder and sign the yellow sheet indicating that you have received the information. Students should return the empty folders the following Monday.