Music At Raven Stream!

Welcome!  My name is Mrs. Giles, and I am the music teacher at Raven Stream Elementary School.  I am so excited to be your music teacher!
I come to Raven Stream after spending the last 18 years as a Special Education Teacher, first in Shakopee and the past 13 years at Eagle View Elementary, here with New Prague.  I have degrees in Music and Elementary Education from Keene, NH, and my master's is in Special Education from the University of St. Thomas. Over the years have enjoyed singing and playing instruments with my church as well as with my own family.  I love everything about music, but especially appreciate how music connects people.  
I was born in New York and over the years have also lived in Vermont, New Hampshire, and Texas.  Minnesota has been my home the past 21 years.  My husband, Adam, is a New Prague graduate.  We have four children:  AJ and Abby are at the high school, Christian is in fifth grade, and Hudson is in second grade.  Our family travels a lot.  We have been to most of the states in the US and my husband and I enjoy scuba diving in and traveling to different parts of the world.  Some of the places we have visited include Egypt, China, and a few different places in the Caribbean.  We have several pets, including chickens, dogs, a bunny, and a few fish tanks.  I love spending time with my family and friends, reading, and spending time outside.
If you would like to make a donation to my classroom, please check out my amazon wish list HERE.  Many of these items are books so we can build our classroom library and include a variety of cultures and genres of music.  There are also items listed for classroom rewards and incentives as well as some instruments and puppets.  Please make sure to add your name when you donate so I know who to thank!
I am also in need of gently used:
small stuffed animals (about the size of beanie babies)
pool noodles
5th Grade Choir Performances:
December 18th Showcase Concert
Friday, May 3rd        (time TBD)
Concert Attire is either the "CHOIR" shirts which were ordered already this year or a plain black shirt.  Students should also wear black pants and black shoes.  
Pick one (or more) of the options below for this blended learning day.  Feel free to send me a picture or video through email and I would love to check it out at [email protected].
* Find items around the house and create your own musical composition.  Some ideas include:  spoons, pots and pans, or sweeping the floor.
* Listen to a song that you like.  Think about why you like the song and then draw a picture of what comes to your mind when you listen to the song.
* Teach a song from music to someone at home.
* Find a video of music by the Piano Guys on youtube.  Draw a picture or write about one thing you liked about listening to them.
* Watch Carnival of the Animals here. and draw a picture of one of the animals dancing in the song.